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Ernst & Young Names 校友 Entrepreneurs of the Year, New Jersey 2020  

In a virtual award ceremony hosted by Deborah Norville, anchor of Inside Edition, Ernst & Young LLP has named Bryan Jakovcic '09 of 融合健康 和史蒂夫Gebhardt'06和John Tramutolo '07的RSVLT 今年的企业家,新泽西州2020年.

Ernst & Young is one of the largest professional services networks in the world and along with Deloitte, KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers is considered one of the "Big Four" accounting firms. It is considered a global leader in assurance, tax, strategy, transaction and consulting services.


According to Ernst & Young, the Entrepreneur of the Year program is in its 34th year and "honors entrepreneurial business leaders whose ambitions deliver innovation, growth and prosperity as they build and sustain successful businesses that transform our world."

Judged by an independent panel which includes "previous award winners, leading CEOs, investors and other regional business leaders" Ernst & Young states that "nominees were evaluated based on six criteria, including overcoming adversity; financial performance; societal impact and commitment to building a values-based company; innovation; and talent management."

融合健康,Bryan Jakovcic

Bryan Jakovic headshot imageJakovcic是融合卫生,最大的电子健康纪录(EHR)州和县级议长和少年司法机构卖方供应商,患者基地超过30万。融合,总部位于新泽西州的Woodbridge,融合了全国100多人。

为第四年命名为inc。 5000 5000列出美国最快的私营公司,融合健康最近收购了Kalos Inc。,药房管理解决方案的领导者,其在零售药房,大学和惩教设施中被证实其经过验证的软件认可。

在公司。 5000融合排名 #818 在美国,19世纪,新泽西州和16岁的IT系统开发。收购Kalos将允许融合进一步扩展和多样化其市场和产品产品。




"My time at Seton Hall and the Center for 创业研究 cemented for me a lifelong pursuit of business. It taught me to actively seek out opportunities in underserved communities and offer viable solutions" said Jakovcic. "And the medical care of inmates was one of the most underserved and poorly managed communities I had ever seen. Through EHR we've been able to streamline management and offer a continuum of care and preventative wellness that prioritizes the health and safety of patients and effectively reduces the cost of healthcare delivery" he noted. "Essentially, we've found a way to give more for less – and the market has responded accordingly. I'm deeply honored for us to now be recognized by this distinguished panel and Ernst & Young."

Steve Gebhardt和RSVLTS的John Tramutolo

Flyer with images of Steve Gebhardt and John TramutoloRSVLTS(没有元音的Roosevelts)是一家位于霍博肯的服装公司,NJ基本上出生于一部主要电影工作室的停止和停止信。

Pivoting from their internet publishing company, Coed Media Group, the pair of former Communication & the Arts students began in apparel by depicting a graphic and copy from the classic resuscitation scene in the "The Sandlot." The shirt began to sell briskly and the response was favorable— except from the movie's maker, Twenty-First Century Fox Inc.

虽然对于许多福克斯的版权侵权的许多停止和停止信可能是结束的开始,但对于Gebhardt和Tramutolo来说,它是一家多百万美元公司的开始,定期雇用Seton Hall Grad和实习生并拥有超级巨星 艾伦·贾奇 和Bryce哈珀穿着自己的衣服。

Gebhardt says that Fox was impressed with the quality of their product, so the media giant negotiated and ultimately granted the startup company licensing rights. Since then RSVLTS has sought out and come to licensing agreements with movies such as Rocky, The Shining, Ace Ventura and Ghostbusters; television shows including Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Parks & Recreation and Shark Week along with WWE, MLB and Pixar Studios. With three strong quarters in 2020 in the rearview mirror, and with holiday season still ahead, they're projected to eclipse eight figures in sales by year-end.


Image of RSVLTS group in Yankee's Stadium in Spring 2019


"We were so thrilled with the recent EY award, it's a great honor to be recognized in that manner and also to join that fantastic growing entrepreneurial community" said Gebhardt, who was wearing a Seton Hall Pirates shirt designed by RSVLTS during the Ernst & Young virtual winner's toast. "RSVLTS started with a dream to make unique apparel our friends would wear, especially among our Seton Hall family, and that would start a conversation whenever spotted, which quickly caught on beyond our own community. In many ways we feel this is just the beginning for the company too, so we're extremely excited for all the plans we have ahead."

联合创始人John Tramutolo,同意:“我们非常感谢我们的濑塞霍尔校友社区多年来如何努力,我们始终努力回馈,但我们也可以。我们很自豪地说一部好的部分我们的员工以及许多自由职业者,都是濑塞霍尔明州。这是一个令人难以置信的旅程。“

作为区域获奖者,Jakovcic以及Gebhardt和Cromutolo有资格参加2020年的企业家宣布的企业家宣布 11月19日星期四, 在虚拟奖颁奖期间。

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